Monday, 25 January 2010

BBC iPlayer in Ffresh Top 5!

Out of all the submissions across the country for the moving image catagory at the Ffresh 2010 awards, our BBC iPlayer advertisement has made it into the top 5 shortlist! Both Myself and Geraint are are incredibly happy with this achievement and look forward too hearing the results!

XFX - "Play Hard."

First project of my 3rd year at university.
A short advertisement for a computer component manufacturer called XFX. Promoting the fast and energetic gaming experience that can be provided with XFX hardware. Aimed at their existing audience i.e. Gamers, PC enthusiasts, Component Retailers etc.

BBC iPlayer HD Sport Advertisement

Collaberation with Geraint Thomas

This was created for a University project as an Open Brief for 2009. Created by using green screen keying along with rotorscoping.

The idea was to create a piece that showed some of the main sports that BBC broadcast, but to bind them with fluent transitions that flow throughout the whole feature, while keeping the strong contrast colours of the main BBC iPlayer logo.

"Nominated Top 5 for Ffresh 2010 Awards"

YCN Awards - O2 Advertisement

Collaberation with Geraint Thomas.

Based on the slogan "We're Better Connected." we decided to create a slick, stylish and colourful O2 advertisement, bringing their slogan to life.
Emphasizing the connection between two people via their mobile phones using colourful streams of light to represent the signal and invisible connections that are made between people via the O2 network.

DVD Interface Design

A full working DVD interface created for the Red Hot Chili Peppers Greatest Hits. A redesign of their existing DVD providing an edgier and more appropriate look for the DVD.
A short promo for our university created after learning to track using Boujou and Maya.

3D Motion Tracking

Our first attempt at 3D motion tracking in university using Boujou and Maya.

Friday, 22 January 2010

Nantgarw Horror Film Festival Promo

For my first project of the 2nd year at university I was set the task of creating 3 animated posters to advertise a horror film festival at a local cinema. The concept that I came up with was for the posters to be split up and displayed at different locations unveiling different bits of information.
Rather than going for your more typical choice of horror i.e. Slasher, Blood, Violence, I wanted to base my idea on eastern horror movies. A simple but unsettling change to the audience's environment.

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Human Scanner

An open brief project for the end of the first year and an exercise for myself. The main focus of this project was the on screen graphics, tracking the movements to my hands and unravelling them using masks/layers.

Silent Hill - Title Sequence

One of the main projects for our first year at university was to create a title sequence for a movie of our choice. This was also my first big project using Adobe After Effects.

FX - Channel Ident

Our first use of Maya 3D software was to create a channel identity using the channel logo..

Saturday, 16 January 2010

Car Phase - Green Screen Exorcise

After our introduction to the Green Screen studio and a series of quick trials we were asked to complete a small project as part of our first year course.

Thursday, 14 January 2010


I have finaly decided/got round to creating a blog. It's a bit late for me to create one of these so expect a surge of posts containing all of my work very soon. I'll try and get this done as soon as possible so any new posts I add will fall into archive correctly.

Watch this space...