Monday, 31 October 2011


Another project I've been very busy working on at Dinamo Productions! Got the great opportunity straight after Iconicles to work on another children's television programme called Abadas.

My work on this consisted of a wide variety of Visual Effects work including, Compositing, Motion Graphics 2D and 3D within After Effects, Motion Tracking, Paint/Roto so it was a great mix up and allot of fun!

The first episode of the series aired October 24th, be sure to tune in and catch up on BBC iPlayer and ITV Player!

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Friday, 16 September 2011

Jam With RoBina - Lunatic (Official Music Video)

I've just finished work on a music video for a band that I'm in called Jam With RoBina. Set in a sinister woodland near a derelict barn creating the scene of a band jamming through the night whilst being stalked by a lurking werewolf. We had a great time filming this video and I would like to thank everybody that was involved on set for the 2 very late nights. But am glad to say that it was all worth it! We've had a great response so far and hopefully this video will continue to pick up popularity.

Looking forward to my next opportunity to work on a music video with the guys again! Had great fun, learned allot about filming, editing, visual effects and looking good for the cameras!

More soon!
Vimeo Link:
Rory (The Bassist)

Tuesday, 9 August 2011


After a year of hard work with the brilliant team at Dinamo, Iconicles finally got it's first air time yesterday on CBeebies!

This was my first industry project straight out of University and boy have I learned allot through it. Very proud of the end product and hope everybody else who tunes in gets as excited as we are about it! My work on Iconicles involved anything to do with the Iconiscreen interface. So that includes any of the "Home screen windows" when Nat visits the 2D worlds, the "Fly Throughs" when he decides to zoom into a characters home to bring them out of the screen and the games sequences for each episode along with several other episode specific sequences.

Be sure to tune in at 3.45 everyday this week on CBeebies to catch Nat the Iconicles and more importantly (for me) the Iconiscreen!

Monday, 1 August 2011

Breaking the Silence...

Is anybody out there?
Ok, so blog has been suffering neglect quite severely since I start work September last year but I have been very busy! (In a good way)

I've been working at Dinamo on a children's program for Cbeebies called Iconicles, which we wrapped up last Thursday and will be aired August 8th!! So you'll be seeing allot more of that from me very soon once I can start promoting my work on it. But besides that and despite working on other projects at Dinamo I decided to purchase a Canon 550D camera. Which was a very wise move for me as I have been loving it ever since having thrown myself headlong into the world of semi-pro photography, so more will ensue on that note I promise! Including a music video for my band Jam With RoBina which I am currently in the process of editing. (oh yeah, I'm in a band now too).

Anyways, to the main reason why I'm posting. Along with the 550D I also purchased a Wireless Interval remote control which will allow me to take some amazing time-lapse sequences and long night time exposures. Haven't had the chance to do anything special yet but here is my very first test of the device, which I used to capture the sunset of a beautiful day from my bedroom window...