Monday, 1 August 2011

Breaking the Silence...

Is anybody out there?
Ok, so blog has been suffering neglect quite severely since I start work September last year but I have been very busy! (In a good way)

I've been working at Dinamo on a children's program for Cbeebies called Iconicles, which we wrapped up last Thursday and will be aired August 8th!! So you'll be seeing allot more of that from me very soon once I can start promoting my work on it. But besides that and despite working on other projects at Dinamo I decided to purchase a Canon 550D camera. Which was a very wise move for me as I have been loving it ever since having thrown myself headlong into the world of semi-pro photography, so more will ensue on that note I promise! Including a music video for my band Jam With RoBina which I am currently in the process of editing. (oh yeah, I'm in a band now too).

Anyways, to the main reason why I'm posting. Along with the 550D I also purchased a Wireless Interval remote control which will allow me to take some amazing time-lapse sequences and long night time exposures. Haven't had the chance to do anything special yet but here is my very first test of the device, which I used to capture the sunset of a beautiful day from my bedroom window...

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