Tuesday, 9 August 2011


After a year of hard work with the brilliant team at Dinamo, Iconicles finally got it's first air time yesterday on CBeebies!

This was my first industry project straight out of University and boy have I learned allot through it. Very proud of the end product and hope everybody else who tunes in gets as excited as we are about it! My work on Iconicles involved anything to do with the Iconiscreen interface. So that includes any of the "Home screen windows" when Nat visits the 2D worlds, the "Fly Throughs" when he decides to zoom into a characters home to bring them out of the screen and the games sequences for each episode along with several other episode specific sequences.

Be sure to tune in at 3.45 everyday this week on CBeebies to catch Nat the Iconicles and more importantly (for me) the Iconiscreen!


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