Friday, 16 September 2011

Jam With RoBina - Lunatic (Official Music Video)

I've just finished work on a music video for a band that I'm in called Jam With RoBina. Set in a sinister woodland near a derelict barn creating the scene of a band jamming through the night whilst being stalked by a lurking werewolf. We had a great time filming this video and I would like to thank everybody that was involved on set for the 2 very late nights. But am glad to say that it was all worth it! We've had a great response so far and hopefully this video will continue to pick up popularity.

Looking forward to my next opportunity to work on a music video with the guys again! Had great fun, learned allot about filming, editing, visual effects and looking good for the cameras!

More soon!
Vimeo Link:
Rory (The Bassist)