Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Bloody Norah

This was a small project I worked on for a friend who was creating an independent movie called "Bloody Norah". Raising awareness on self harm and following the lives of a group of people and their experiences. These 2 shots required CG butterflys (Created by Oliver Atton-Higgins) to flow from the girls wrist and spiral around her in the room. The butterflys were comped using multiple passes/renders in After Effects. Additional shadows, grading and motion blurs were later applied.

Monday, 14 January 2013


A children's TV series I worked on in 2012 for CBeebies as a compositor at Dinamo Productions.
Set as a fly on the wall documentary of your typical Irish family, but with one rather "gifted" member.
ROY is a 2 dimensional hand drawn/flash animated character that lives in the "real" world, who of course, gets in to all sorts of fun and mischief!
Working on ROY was allot of fun for me too, as it posed allot of technical and artistic challenges and encompassed a wide variety of software skills. Every sequence was tackled as a completely new project for each compositor, as the environment changed constantly and Roy's antics paused a variety of challenges.
Fast hand held camera movements with plenty of crash zooms and swings made camera tracking the first big lesson on ROY. Using a combination of Mocha and the After Effect's Tracker we developed allot of tricks and techniques to perfect the sporadic camera movements.
Getting Roy planted in the scene was just the beginning though, as it took allot of work to get him, essentially a tacked on, paper white 2D object to look like he belonged in the world. This took allot of rotoscoping, texture animation and motion blurs along with finishing passes like reflections, shadows and sometimes additional prop animations.
The finished piece was an original, whacky children's documentary that taught me a variety of compositing skills but also was allot of fun to be a part of!


Sunday, 13 January 2013

Apocalypse When?

As a fresh start to the new year and on account of the world not ending and such... I have decided to give my blog and online persona a bit of a revamp!
So expect some refreshments over the coming weeks! Including a new showreel!
Until then I will continue to update my blog with the work I have done so far, just to bring it up to speed.

Thank You!